DAY 10 – Homecoming!

​So much for getting an early start… it was 10:00 AM as we were leaving Sparta Best Western after a wonderful breakfast! Nothing exciting. A billboard for Baraboo WI to visit the Circus World Museum (have added this to my list of places to see) and another for Wisconsin Dells (also on my list).
Entered Illinois a 12:10 PM and paid $1.90 toll road fee. Passed another wind farm. Do we have any in Ohio? Good place to put one would be between Columbus and Dayton.
Stopped for gas and McD’s fish sandwich and back on the road at 1:20 PM heading south on I-39.
Missed the signs going into Indiana. Another wind farm on I-74 E near exit 200. They fascinate me. They don’t all turn at the same time.
Stop for gas again at 4:30 PM. TC (Tiny Clayton/Traveling Companion) has been quiet. Napping a lot. I think he’s anxious to get back.
Entered OHIO at 7:18 PM. What a wonderful "Welcome Back" we received as I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow – and no rain – the colors were brilliant. Then I drove a little further and caught up with the rain as it came down in buckets!! Ah, yes, welcome back to Ohio. Wait a few minutes and the weather will change!!
Home at last, home at last; thank goodness we were home at last. It was 9:00 PM and we were in our driveway after being gone 10 days and adding over 3,000 miles to the car.
We had a great time, met some very nice people, saw amazing places, and am so happy I was able to have this extraordinary experience.
If you’ve never been to Mt. Rushmore, I encourage you to take advantage of all the sights. Truly remarkable!

Where to next? Any suggestions? Thinking about New Orleans.