Waking up and ready to begin. It’s another beautiful day for a drive as we leave Marriott in Bettendorf Iowa with final destination today is Mitchell, SD.

TC actually woke up on time (alarm at 7:00 AM; we’re still on Ohio time so it was 8:00). So glad we brought the step stool; makes getting in the bed easier. Everything in the car and on the road by 10:30 again Ohio time.

Arrived in Amana, IA at noon, walked around some and left after spending $40 and 45 minutes.

Crossed into Minnesota at 3:40.

Driving on I-38 North saw large Quaker Oats bldgs.

And I think on US 218 a John Deere HQ.

East of Charles City saw my first wind farm. Looks like something from space. Odd they all don’t rotate at the same time. Saw more in Minnesota. Almost everywhere we stopped a casino was near.

Lunch today at a Casey’s General Store. Brought PB&J from home and a V8. Had to stop for gas and exited when I saw the Casey’s sign. Didn’t realize it was six miles from the exit.

Entered South Dakota at 6:55.

What a rush to go 80mph legally!! And people still passed me.

Another long day.
Arrived safe at Hampton Inn in Mitchell at 8pm.

Made trip to Wal-Mart for zip lock baggies. The ones I used for ice had a leak and water got inside my insulated food carrier.

Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing Wall Drug Store.