Picked up again at 8:30 AM by Heather of Affordable Adventures and pick up Terry and Mary at Howard Johnson and on our way to our first stop:

Mount Rushmore

When you first enter the front of this monument it is breathtaking. You see ahead of you the four faces of those past presidents. Then you walk through the Avenue of Flags (placed mostly four to a post and alphabetically) so it was easy for me to find Ohio.

Today was another gorgeous day — sun, blue skies, white fluffy clouds — couldn’t even tell it had rained there last night.

TC (Tiny Clayton/Traveling Companion) was on his best behavior. Probably still tired from yesterday.

After watching the video again, walking down the path for a closer view, and visiting The Museum it was ice cream time. Very relaxing just sitting on the patio and marveling at the majesty of the monument and trying to comprehend how it was completed without modern tools — most was done with different sizes of dynamite.

Time to go to Crazy Horse Monument.