DAY 7 Evening wrap up -1

Entrance to Reptile Gardens.

TC with new friend CheeseBall at Reptile Garden. Then the Alligator Show. Demonstrated how to sit on an Alligator.

Then some were fed chicken chunks.

Off we went and happen to see the mammoth- of course TC wanted to have his pic taken.

Next stop, the wine store.

On our way to Keystone for the Borglum Historical Center. Mr Borglum was the sculptor for Mt Rushmore. Interesting story about mountain sculpture of Robert E Lee. I encourage you all to look it up.

Last three days have passed signs advertising "Wonderland Cave" so decided to stop and check it out. On the way to Deadwood, the sign read turn right to Wonderland Cave, so I turned right. Next sign stated 11 miles to Wonderland Cave. Then another right turn and I’m on a narrow, dirt road with my GPS so confused!! Seemed to take forever; speed limit was 35-45.

Finally arrived but did not go on the tour. Was told there are 127 steps; did not see a ramp and then it started to rain.