Good breakfast and on our way (10:25 AM) to Courtland, MN to see if we can make contact a friend I had worked with in Columbus and Louisville.

(As we were leaving the Best Western in Murdo, SD, we saw the flashing billboard sign for "Pioneer Auto". Did not venture into the building, but thought Ron H would appreciate the "Tractor" notice.)

Stopped for gas about 1:00 at a Sinclair station – mostly because there was a Dino statue out front and TC (Tiny Clayton/Traveling Companion) wanted to sit on it and have his picture taken. Can you find TC on the back of Dino?

Courtland, MN is near New Ulm, MN where my friend, Mark, resided before moving to Ohio. He told us about the German restaurant he worked in and the Hermann Monument. I thought it would be fun to take Mark to dinner, catch-up on missed years, and visit the statue in person.
Had fun tracking Mark down; I asked a neighbor who called a friend, but then asked his neighbor on the other side and they referred me to the house across the street (who happened to be the Mother of Mark’s sister-in-law). She called her daughter and after speaking with her, I was able to call Mark and found out he moved further north in MN. I did meet some very nice people who were most helpful in getting me around the closed streets and back to New Ulm for pictures of the Monument.

​Left New Ulm heading East about 5:30 PM. Crossed into Wisconsin at 9:00 PM. Trying to find the Best Western in Sparta WI in the dark was a fun time. Not too many street lights and TC is not real good at helping with directions; must have went through the same intersection 3 times!

Room was very nice; Brenda at the front desk most helpful in changing my room to a first floor unit. However, I find it hard to believe I actually did this: it was so cold in the room that I turned on the heater!

Looking forward to DAY 10 adventure…