DAY 4 My Morning

Up very early. Complimentary breakfast provided by Best Western from 6 to 9 in the Pool House. Wanted to beat the crowd so set alarm for 5:45. When TC (Tiny Clayton / Traveling Companion) and I arrived the place was very busy. Other travelers must have had the same idea.

Headed back to the room to get ready for the day and discovered I could not find my driver’s license. Spent 3 hours in a total panic; going through bags, maps, journals, checkbook, and everything I could think of to look through in search of my missing ID.

I decided it MUST be in the car (even though I had already checked!)

I remembered that I last had it when I needed to show proof of age to get my “senior lifetime ticket” to National Parks when I entered the Badlands.

I also remembered that everything in my bundle of papers fell apart at that moment (with a long line of cars behind me) and the checkbook fell under the driver’s seat. I could not locate that senior ticket either, so I deduced wherever they were — they were together!

So, back to the car to make a more thorough search.
Sure enough, they were together under the passenger seat!! Ah, what a relief it was!! So lucky to have the comforting assistance, suggestions, and assurance from number one son that all would be fine (and it was!)