DAY 4 The Afternoon

Checked with the front desk as to the distance from my hotel to Wall Drug Store.

“Two blocks down and two blocks over.”

It’s another beautiful day, sun is out, so I decided to walk.
BUT FIRST… I ask if possible to have a room on the first level. She checks and YES I can change rooms. So I walk back, then up the stairs, and pack everything for the move.

Management and everyone here at Best Western Plains Motel is terrific.

Three people offered to come move my bags to my new room. The fellow that did carry my stuff even filled the ice bucket for me!! (He remembered me asking the whereabouts of the ice machine and when he originally explained where it was located I thought it was too far to walk.)

Now I’ve worked up a sweat as the temp here was in the 90’s. So I drove to the Drug Store. And parked at a hitching post.

They don’t have parking meters.

Lunchtime now and I got a buffalo burger with baked beans and a famous maple donut for dessert. Wish I bought two so I could have had another in the morning.

TC (Tiny Clayton/Traveling Companion) thought the donut was for him.

Spent time shopping. Salt and pepper shakers, of course. Then visited several other establishments on the strip. Talked with General Custer (who didn’t have much to say even after I told him about his monument in New Rumley, Ohio).

He did agree to have picture taken with TC.

Chatted with a prospector about his chances for finding gold and spoiled TC wanted to ride his mule.

I was disappointed the Wounded Knee Museum is not open this year. So many things to see and buy. Have to remember I’m not half-way through my trip yet.

TC met a possible relative when we were getting ready to return to our room. His name is Louie. I got a slobber from him!! Brought back good memories.

Made a reservation to take a guided tour of Custer State Park starting at 8:30AM. Tonight I’m about an hour away from the pick up point.

Next stop is Rapid City, SD.