Did not realize when we woke up at 7 this morning how long a day this was going to be.

Packed and everything in the car, skipped free breakfast (concerned about consequences of eating and available facilities on tour), picked up the 2-day bill and off down the road to Rapid City, SD as made arrangements to go on a tour bus through Black Hills National Forest and Custer State Park.

Arranged to be picked up by Affordable Adventures at 8:30 AM and return at 4:30 PM.

Best Western in Rapid City, SD. View from our patio door.

Learned a lot about buffalo besides they taste good, they go wherever they want.

Saw “Prong” deer, prairie dogs, buffalo, and begging burros (picture below of burros).

Driver, Heather of Affordable Adventures in Rapid City SD, was on Iron Mountain Road. Narrow, winding, not too much up and down. Reminded me of Harrison County.

Three “circle” bridges: go under, around, and over. Really cool. Was not able to get a picturešŸ™